Christmas Traditions to start with your new spouse

If you are recently married and want to start some new Christmas traditions this year then have a read of these suggestions…

There are always Christmas Carol Services taking place so why not find one local to you and go along to get you in the mood for Christmas.
Christmas Traditions
Or why not attend a Christmas market together and buy a new decoration every year!

With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, nights out and catching up with friends and family it can be hard to find time alone with your other half so make it a tradition that on Christmas eve you shut yourselves away and watch a Christmas movie in bed or cuddled on the sofa.

Some couples exchange Christmas ornaments or decorations every year but why not exchange letters instead. These can be themed around your funniest moment, most meaningful moment or just a special memory that you have from the past year!

Alternatively start a Memory Jar on Christmas Eve.memory jar Make a note of when something special happens, put it in the jar, then every year on Christmas Eve read all your memories from the past year. This can be continued on when you start a family.

Or how about Predictions? This is similar to the previous two, but rather than reflecting on the previous year, you make predictions for the year to come. Write down where you see yourselves exactly one year from now, and tuck the predictions away until the next year. This could be funny situations you see your partner getting into, promotions you can see happening, silly things you can imagine you will fight about, or funny things your children will most likely do.
Gingerbread house
If you like cooking then why not come up with a special meal that you make and eat together on Christmas Eve or build a Gingerbread House together and have fun decorating it.

A lot of families enjoy going for Christmas day walk together, maybe this is something you could start as a couple and continue when you have a family of your own.Christmas walk

Finally it’s a tradition that most people do at Christmas – play board games, these can be great fun for everyone. Why not buy a new board game every year and let your competitive side shine but in a fun way!

Whatever tradition you decide to start just make sure you make time for each other during the busy Christmas season, ho ho ho!

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