Three Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Gift List

Having a wedding gift list for your wedding was a great idea years ago as it put a stop to you receiving six toasters, five towel sets and dozens of glasses. However, many couples today have already set up home together and therefore may not need any household goods. Here are some alternatives to the traditional wedding gift list…

Have a chat with your partner and if there are some items that you would like then go ahead and choose a store or online company to have your gift list with. Some items that you may not have considered are garden furniture, lawnmower, luggage or a blender etc.

The alternative to having a gift list is to ask your guests for Honeymoon miles, there is a range of websites out there that you register with, then you tell your guests and they give a monetary amount to help pay for your honeymoon.

Reasons to choose a honeymoon gift list:

  • You want an unforgettable, trip of a lifetime for your honeymoon
  • You and your partner already have everything you need for your house
  • You need the financial help to fulfil your honeymoon dream
  • It’s easier than asking for cash

On that point, some couples would actually prefer cash as gifts. The problem with this is how do you ask your guests without offending them. It might make it easier if you tell them what you intend to spend it on for example the money will contribute to the honeymoon, a new car, savings, a new baby etc.

See below for a few examples of how to ask for money as a gift.

Your presence at our wedding is all that we wish for. However, if you want to give a gift, we will be grateful for a small cash donation towards our new future/house renovations/honeymoon/etc.

While your attendance alone is what we request if you wish to buy us a gift then we have a small gift list at______, however monetary contributions towards planning our future together would also be greatly appreciated.

Another alternative to a wedding gift list is to ask for charitable donations. You may be lucky enough that you don’t need anything for the house or help with your wedding or honeymoon expenses or you may just want to make a difference to someone’s life. You can either register with a website that looks after it for you or ask your guests to make the donation direct to the charity of your choice.

You may want to word your request a little like this:

We have been fortunate to benefit in life and love. The greatest gifts we can receive are your continued friendship and your presence at our wedding. However, if you are considering a gift, we encourage you to commemorate our wedding with a donation to xxxxx.

Whether you decide to have a gift list or not I’m sure your guests will respect your decision.

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