Wedding Veils Uncovered!

Traditionally a bride would have worn a veil over her face until the wedding vows were completed then her father would have lifted the veil and presented the bride to her groom, or the groom lifted the veil to symbolically consummate the marriage. Wedding Veils
Nowadays the wearing of wedding veils has become more of a fashion statement or an accessory to compliment the bride’s dress. Over 65% of brides still wear a veil on their big day but how do you decide if it is right for you or indeed which style is right for you?

Firstly we would advise that you choose your style of dress before choosing the style of veil, this is an accessory that should enhance your dress, rather than take away from it. However, if you have an heirloom family veil that you’re planning on wearing then obviously this is going to influence your decision.

It is normally when you try your veil on at your dress fitting that your mum, sister or whoever else with you will start to get tearful because you start to look like a real bride at this point.

There are a variety of styles of wedding veils to choose from, here are a few to consider:

Birdcage Veil

Wedding Veils BirdcageBirdcage veils work particularly well with a vintage 1950s style wedding dress. This pretty veil will not get in your way so you won’t need to take it off for the evening event if you don’t want to.

Blusher Veil

Wedding Veils BlusherA blusher veil is slightly larger than the birdcage and consists of a single layer of tulle that folds over the face when you’re walking down the aisle. It is then moved back when you reach the altar. Just remember to wear it slightly off your face so you don’t get lipstick on it.

Elbow-Length Veil

Wedding Veils Elbow lengthIf you want a little more coverage then you should think about an elbow-length veil, this flows gently down to your shoulders. It’s a gorgeous length that doesn’t distract from your dress but is still elegant.

Chapel Length

A chapel length veil flows down the length of your wedding dress and it’s one to think about if you’re having a more formal wedding in a church.

Cathedral length

Wedding Veils CathedralThis is preferred choice for many royal brides and the iconic accessory for the classic bride. If you want to go all out on your wedding day then have a cathedral-length veil trailing behind you as you process up the aisle. These veils are generally 110-120-inches in length and it usually matches the length of your train of your wedding dress. If you’re having a very formal wedding then this might suit you.

Mantilla Style

MantillaThis is a Spanish-inspired veil normally trimmed with lace and worn with an ornate comb. It is best worn with a streamlined silhouette, allowing the veil to form a soft halo around the body.

Boho Veil

This simple yet very romantic veil has a flirty, festival-chic vibe to it. A veil like this works best with an equally simple-yet-stunning sheath or A-line gown and a relaxed style of wedding.

Lace Veil

A delicate lace veil will add a beautiful finishing touch to a simple, understated gown. We love the romantic effect the veil adds when paired with long, loose waves.

Whatever style of veil you decide to go with you will need to think carefully about your hairstyle. Take your veil to your hairdresser and try out some different looks with them. Work out how it’s going to fix to your ‘do and ask your chief bridesmaid to come with you so she can see how to take it off for the reception without ruining your style.

We hope this will help you decide on your choice of a wedding veil. Check out our Bridalwear stockists here.

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